May 1st, 2017


Testing of eDCS Industial Automation System at Omo Kuraz One Started

ADC Research and Development PLC has started testing it's computerized industrial control system developed in partnership with Hi-tech Engineering Industry at Omo Kuraz One sugar factory. The DCS features Local Control Room equipment at each major process location, and a Cental Control Room at which the entire installation can be monitored. The system has been developed using Open Source tools and operates on standard industrial communication protocols. It is expected to significantly reduce operating, maintenance and support costs in comparison to similar systems obtained from abroad. Additionally the knowledge and skills acquired by all those who have participated, especially with regard to the application of Open Source software, will be transferable to other implementations of ICT in various sectors.

Rollout of Itpuls Smart Electric Power Meters Begins

The Rollout of the Itplus smart electric power meters has started from the Legedadi manufacturing plant of Hi-tech Engineering Industry. This product has been cooperatively developed with ADC Research and Development PLC at all stages of the effort, beginning with the implementation of the plant, design of the meter, training of workers and the final production and testing. The meter is ready to be integrated into a smart grid system which will enable remote reading and configuration. It will also allow better planning and control of the power distribution system  leading to a more efficient and reliable service.

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ADC Research & Development acquires instruments for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication

ADC Research & Development has acquired a full line of automated instruments for PCB fabrication including the processes of CNC milling and drilling, electrochemical plating and coating, as well as automated placement and soldering. While previously Printed Circuit Boards were manufactured to our design outside the country and assembled manually once  they arrived, these instruments will enable manufacturing of the complete PCB at our own facilities. This capability will significantly reduce product development times and allow utilization of the most advanced surface mount electronic components.

ADC Research & Development expands facilities

ADC has expanded it's facilities by an additional 450 square meters floor area for an advanced industrial control system training and simulation installation. The system will allow development and testing of industrial control systems as well as  application requiring extreme resolution visualizations, all-inclusive monitoring and high performance computing.

ADC Research & Development awarded patent

ADC Research & Developments Food and Agriculture research division endeavors to investigate and develop food related technologies with emphasis on those items that are unique or crucial to Ethiopia. The patent awarded to ADC is for an innovative product that will greatly simplify the Injera baking process, and that could have a far reaching impact all the way from very small scale home baking to industrial scale production and distribution.