Inclusive Pay Ethiopia (IPE)

Inclusive Pay Ethiopia (IPE) is a comprehensive, inclusive, and affordable payment aggregation project that is being implemented by a consortium led by Qua-Qua Capital.

Consortium Overview

Qua-Qua Capital: A local established firm by seasoned bankers lead the consortium and tasked with the following Tasks:

Idea generation and business development services for IPE, develop strategic road map of IPE, liaising and onboarding financial institutions, mobile network operators (MNOs), payment issuers, and merchants, develop and lead go to market strategy, manage product and service roll out, recruit, manage and monitor agents, support agents to recruit, manage and monitor outlets and operators.  Coordinate and follow up the user acceptance testing (UAT), develop training manual and train different stakeholders, market product and services of IPE, and fund management of IPE project, among others.

ADC: A reputable local technology company across different sectors for the last 25 years, responsible for:

Developing and producing locally suited devices for the aggregation of payment systems. Develop open-source software’s for payment aggregation, float management, Electronic Voucher (Value) Distribution (EVD) solution, integrate financial institutions, MNOs, and other payment issuers, develop integrated system for product/service flow with payment for organizations with vast distribution channels and networks, develop agent management tools, among others.

Lefayda: A microfinance institution that funds outlets and operators participating in the IPE, and testing devices and systems in real-world scenarios.